Corso su “Big Data & Machine Learning”

Il Prof. Allan Tucker dalla Brunel University sarà ospite presso il laboratorio del Prof. Colace (DIIN) dal 7 all’11 maggio 2019. 

Il Prof. Tucker terrà un breve corso su “Big Data analysis and Machine Learning techniques” nel laboratorio dell’ICT per i Beni Culturali (di fronte l’Aula delle Lauree, piano -1, edificio E1), con la seguente scaletta:

  • 08/05/2019, dalle 10.30 alle 14.30;
  • 09/05/2019, dalle 9.00 alle 13.00.

Title: Big Data & Machine Learning 

Abstract: This course describes the needs for new techniques to analyse large datasets. It explores the use of machine learning to infer models from data in order to better understand the data and make better predictions. The methods explored include a mixture of unsupervised and supervised learning as well as neural networks and Bayesian approaches with practical applications undertaken in WEKA. 

Elenco degli argomenti:

1. Unsupervised Learning
a) Introduction to Clustering
b) K-Means Clustering
c) Hierarchical Clustering
2. Supervised Learning & Sensitivity Analysis
a) Introduction to Classification
b) Decision Trees & Random Forests
c) K-Nearest Neighbour
d) Sensitivity Analysis & Resampling 

Lab Session Using WEKA 

3. Neural Networks
a) Key concepts
b) The Perceptron & Learning
c) The Multilayer Neural Network & Backpropogation
d) Deep Learning 

4. Probabilistic Approaches
a) Introduction to Bayesian Networks
b) Definitions 
c) Key Algorithms 

Lab Session Using WEKA

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